Let your guests feel the emotion in the room...


Nothing you do for your decor creates as much emotion or has as big an impact as lighting. As technology continues to advance the color options are nearly limitless and wireless lighting allows for quick placement of lighting without needing to worry about electricity.


You have the perfect venue for your reception, but you would love to find a cost effective way to add some decor to the walls. The solution of course is to add uplighting. Using lighting we can do anything from creating a little ambiance with some "pops" of color, to creating a full room "wash" soaking your whole room in                                                                                                            the perfect color.

Classic Up & Accent Lighting.jpg


Custom Monograms

Your wedding is all about that personalized touch. There are few things that add that touch and elegance like a custom monogram. Monograms can be just about anything from logos and text to pictures. They create quite an impact when projected onto your dance floor or any surface that you choose.

Pin Spotting

Show your cake, your centerpieces, or whatever you want to in a new light.  Pin Spot Lights are very versatile and create a unique   show piece for your event. 

Pin Spot.jpg