Organ donor

A Celebration of Thanks!

     The joy and innocence of celebrating a 10 year old's birthday...friends and family, the balloons, games and fun, and don't forget the cake!  Also, don't forget to use the hand sanitizer when you enter the room.  You see Ed is anything but your average 10 year old.  Ed is not just celebrating his birthday, but he's also celebrating 7 months since he was given the ultimate gift - a new heart.     


     Ed was diagnosed with a heart defect at birth.  In his 10 shorts years he's endured more than most.  Surgeries, hospitalizations, and extra precautions to protect Ed's fragile health were the norm for him.  Then came the big one.  Ed's heart wasn't keeping up, and he needed to go in to the hospital. 


     314 days.  For 314 days Ed waited, hoping and praying for the perfect heart.  314 days spent in the hospital trying to be a normal kid...going to school online, doing the best he and his mom could to make a hospital room feel like home. Then it happened.  Prayers were answered, the perfect donor heart was found!  Just 16 days later, Ed was going home with a new heart!


       With his new heart Ed was able to go back to school this spring, he was able for the first time to have this kind of a birthday party.  He was able to run and play and just be a kid.  

     We were very honored to donate our photo booth for Ed's party.  Watching him have a chance to be goofy with friends and family was pretty amazing.  We also put together a memory book for Ed where people could paste their pictures (don't worry, everyone also got a copy they could take with them too!) and write a message for Ed.  At 10 he may not appreciate those messages as much now, but with a new heart he'll be celebrating birthdays for years to come!


     Coincidentally, we're running a summer sale on our photo booth service for remaining 2018 dates (valid if booked 8/31/18) - Contact Us to get the full details. 

     To learn more about becoming an organ donor Click Here.