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One Beautiful Night


     Saturday April 21st began our 2018 Wedding Season!  This season began in the same way that last season ended, providing production for both the ceremony and the reception.  We were excited to celebrate with Chris and Liezl; they were a fun couple who had some great ideas for their day, and especially the music that they wanted to hear.

     The day began as they transformed the very beautiful Dassel History Center and Ergo Museum into their perfect venue.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the building when they booked their wedding, but I was blown away by the space. (Watch for another blog coming soon highlighting the building!) 


The ceremony was held on the venue's 3rd floor.  I was amazed by the natural wood tones, rustic support pillars, and the room's natural warmth.  They (and when I say they I mean Liezl's friends and family) did a fantastic job with all the detail.  We added some contrasting blue uplighting, and of course microphones and music for the actual ceremony.

The ceremony was relatively quick, but very personal and meaningful preformed by one of their friends.  The beautiful petals from the aisle seemed to find their way throughout the building reminding all of us of the beauty and commitment that brought us all together that day.


     After the completion of the ceremony guests moved downstairs to the first floor, and enjoyed drinks and appetizers.  The decor was again intricate and hand crafted by Liezl's family; we added a touch of uplighting to their Sweetheart Table. Something that truly stood out, for me at least, was the food.  The bride and groomed shared a home cooked meal full of traditional Filipino dishes with their guests - they were simply to die for!  Chris and Leizl did not have a traditional bridal party, so Chris' best friend came up and gave a very heartfelt toast. After some thank you's and a little cake cutting it was time to  welcome our newlyweds to the dance floor for their first dance!

In our previous conversations, there had been no talk of traditional Filipino customs or traditions, but during the first dance I was introduced to one.  Chris and Liezl began as most all of my couples do, but then someone from the crowd came up to them.  At first I was annoyed, I assumed they were going to straighten the dress,or even sneak in for an up close picture on her phone.  Neither was the case.  Instead she taped money to Liezl's dress.  Then one by one guests came up and continued attaching money to both the bride and groom.  By the end of the song both were covered.  I learned after the fact that this is indeed a tradition in the Philippines for guests to pin money on the bride and groom, essentially their version of our "dollar dance".    

The dance continued into the night with a good time had by all - the night ended with a very happy bride and groom ready to begin their lives as a married couple.

A big thank you to Carolyn at the Dassel History Center, and to Alicia with Alicia's Photography - both were absolutely wonderful to work with! 

Thanks for taking the time to read - I'd love to chat with you about your event, just send us a message.